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Who are we?

The Open Scholarship Community Rochester (OSC Rochester) comprises faculty, graduate students, postdocs and support staff from higher education institutions in the Rochester region. Our goal is to promote cultural and institutional change by bringing together and supporting people interested in open scholarship from all disciplines and at all levels of expertise.  

We offer a space where open research practices are valued and shared, educating ourselves and others about the benefits of openness in research and instruction. We value transparency, collaboration, and equity, treating each other with respect, fairness, and care, declaring a joint commitment to scientific rigor and responsible research practices. 

The community organizes bi-monthly events (lectures, workshops, panels, show-and-tell sessions, etc.) addressing current topics in open scholarship and open publishing, or showcasing best practices in open research and open education. The events serve as focal points for interaction between members and the academic community, providing opportunities for outreach and advocacy. For further details, please check out our Guiding Principles.

OSC Rochester is part of the International Network of Open Science & Scholarship Communities

For more information, check out this introductory video and whitepaper


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If you want to start a community at your institution, browse INOSC's Starter Kit.

Why would you join OSC Rochester?

Benefits include: 

  • learning about open science/scholarship practices by participating in our lectures and workshops (see News & Events
  • practical support to create your own event or initiative, have your expertise recognized, and increase your visibility 
  • discover other members’ expertise and collaborate with them 

How can you join OSC Rochester?

Thanks for your interest! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us

Join our listserv --managed through Google Groups-- to learn about news and events on open scholarship topics.

Help us plan the future of our community

Help us plan future events and meeting, contact us to share your ideas. We value your contribution.

Acknowledgements: The content on this website is a derivative of the OSC Rotterdam website (with permission).